When it comes to TREE, eco-wood furniture is what we’re all about. We’re passionate about home furnishings that meets the highest standards of sustainability and quality – and looks beautiful too!

From our dining tables and chairs, to our beds, coffee tables, and cupboards, we believe that the magic of sustainable wood lies in its variety and individuality. TREE offers an extensive variety of tones, grains and finishes – light or dark, fresh or rich, rustic or polished – there’s something to suit every style and space.


Solid teak is our heartland. It’s unendingly popular with those looking for expert craftsmanship, beautifully straight grains and naturally warm hues. Love hosting dinner parties? Have a brood of spirited kids? If durability and easy care is top of your list, then turn to teak. As a tropical wood, it is naturally resilient and weather resistant, making it the perfect material for high-use furniture, such as dining tables, coffee tables, bed frames, kitchen islands, and more.


If you’re in search of furniture with character, our reclaimed teak collections are for you. Made from wood salvaged from old houses, fishing boats and even railroad sleepers, these pieces all tell their own story. Each one-of-a-kind piece is engrained with its own unique qualities, developed over time and lovingly preserved by master craftsmen. This is wood that has stood up to the elements and is made to last. Look for the beauty in the imperfections and handpick the piece that speaks to you.

Reclaimed teak is the perfect material for making a statement anywhere in your home, especially with high-visibility pieces such as dining tables, coffee tables, TV stands, bed frames and sideboards.


If your home is begging for a fresh, contemporary makeover, our light European white oak is the perfect way to bring an airy, modern touch to your space. If you want a richer, warmer aesthetic, then American walnut wood is the perfect choice. With deep, chocolatey tones our walnut collections simply ooze understated elegance. Both oak and walnut are solid, strong, long-lasting and durable woods, so whatever your preference, you can rest assured you’ll be choosing a piece of furniture that is made to last lifetimes.


Our gorgeous rugs not only bring your space together, but are also artisan-crafted from natural, non-toxic materials like jute and seagrass, along with specialty upcycled materials, such as wool and denim.

With a variety of eclectic colors and patterns, these stunning rugs add the perfect touch of style and sustainability to any room in your home. 


While sustainable or reclaimed wood is firmly at the heart of TREE, you’ll find a host of other natural, non-toxic materials running through our ranges. Our stylish sofas are not only soft and chic but also locally crafted in Los Angeles from FSC™-certified wood, chemical-free EcoWool, natural jute and hemp, low-VOC stains, and beautiful organic fabrics. These natural materials are not only superior in terms of comfort and lifespan, but are inherently flame retardant without the use of chemicals. 

Feel at home in your home – fill it with healthy furniture that not only protects your health,                   but enhances your life. 


At TREE, you can rest assured that sustainability runs in our roots.

Our natural furniture materials reflect our values of organic, unique beauty that gives back – from our hearts to your home.