In 2005, a young lawyer named Nicole Wakley left the corporate world behind to pursue a passion for eco-wood furniture that could not be ignored. Traveling the world, she discovered unique, vintage pieces that captured the beauty of their vibrant cultures and met local people whose lives became an integral part of the TREE dream. For a time, she and her family made their home on an Australian farm where they experienced sustainable living firsthand, surrounded by horses, cows, and chickens.

While TREE has grown and evolved, at our heart still lies the natural simplicity and the wabi sabi lifestyle of that rustic Australian farm. Today, we have put down roots in Tacoma, WA, bringing handcrafted, hand-finished furniture and home accessory designs to the Pacific Northwest, along with a personal experience tailored to you. Discover the natural beauty of TREE at our historical heritage showroom in downtown Tacoma. This beautifully protected structure was the heartbeat of the city in the 1910s, and one of the first in the country to introduce water-powered energy. Today, TREE is bringing that vibrant history back to life with a modern space that celebrates the nostalgia of the past.

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