Giving back is not so much something we do at TREE as it is something we are.

The very core of our business is built around giving. We care deeply about the origins of the eco-wood from which our furniture is crafted. Whether it is FSC™-certified or reclaimed from abandoned houses or boats, we protect and give back to our planet’s natural resources through every piece. Learn more about our materials and their amazing properties.

One of the most prominent ways we give back is through Trees4Trees (T4T), an Indonesian non-profit foundation working to protect our natural forests. To date, TREE has planted over 77,000 trees and provided many jobs for local farmers and community workers. 

Along with giving back to the earth, we also give back to communities in need, both locally and around the world. TREE, along with our caring customer base, have helped communities recover from devastating natural disasters, from Haiti to Nepal and beyond. We work with local children’s charities to put a smile on the faces of children facing hardship through special events and donation drives. Because when it comes to helping others, both TREE staff and our customers share a heart for giving back to the world around them. With TREE, you get more than a beautiful home – you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re supporting a brand that has giving back at the heart of everything we are.

TREE Giving Tuesday

TREE believes in planting a tree for you! As we celebrate TREE’s expansion into the Pacific Northwest, we have planted a tree for every individual who has attended:

TREE Taking Root: A Timeless Night in Tacoma

South Sound Magazine’s Women to Watch 2017

2017 South Sound Summit Conference

425 Magazine’s Women to Watch 2018

TREE’s Bellevue Launch Party

With an additional 2,000 trees planted in our efforts to support reforestation, TREE’s roots grow much deeper than contemporary eco-furniture. Our goal is to give back to the environment that has gifted us with the sustainable materials used create our timeless designs.

   We are also very proud to partner with Forterra, a local non-profit, whose mission is to keep the land we love sustainable for the future. Forterra focuses their efforts on areas of land that are vital to our region’s livability. These keystone lands, such as wildlands, working farms and forests, and areas in the city accustomed for affordable housing, parks and the arts, are crucial to their goal of improving the quality of life within our environment. Forterra believes that bringing together these interconnected keystone landscapes will help create the hopeful future that all of us desire.

   “The interconnectedness of the natural, built and now the social world is key to unlocking solutions to a resilient region. To save nature we must solve human problems. Through the prism of land, Forterra is committed to addressing the quality of the underlying social fabric that binds us. This place is who we are.”

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We are very proud to partner with Compass-360 Association, a Washington based non-profit with the lofty goal of elevating the technology available to non-profits. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs, technologists and business executives looking to give back after decades of for profit success, they have developed best-in-class non-profit management software and services that are comprehensive, fully integrated and available at a price accessible to organizations of any size.

By partnering with TREE, Compass-360 Association is able to leverage the custom development they’ve done to support our needs and offer that to all non-profits at no additional cost, supporting both organizations’ commitment to giving back and partnering with organizations that are doing great work.