What’s in a Name?

More than just branches and roots, trees are symbols of life and growth, of strength and solidity. As they grow, they capture the memories of the world around them, from giving shade on lazy afternoons to providing shelter in the midst of storms. Over the years, trees become like family, their familiar presence a comforting marker on the landscape.

In the same way, TREE’s timeless, sustainable furniture pieces are made to last, capturing the memories of your home and your family, for years to come. However, none of this would be possible without our wonderful team of staff members and suppliers. They are the roots that support TREE and make it possible for us to do what we do. Take a moment to meet our team – they are what make us TREE!

Meet our Team

  • Nicole Wakley

    Nicole Wakley

    Founder & Curator
  • Jessica Caldwell

    Jessica Caldwell

    Managing Director
  • Robyn Villanueva

    Robyn Villanueva

    Gallery Manager
  • MJ Creighton

    MJ Creighton

    Senior Interior Designer
  • Wendy Chen

    Wendy Chen

    Interior Design & Sales
  • Lia Lee

    Lia Lee

    Home Stylist & Sales
  • Julie Litchfield

    Julie Litchfield

    Supply Chain Manager
  • Elise Criscitello

    Elise Criscitello

    Warehouse Manager & Gallery Stylist
  • Mikaela Hansen

    Mikaela Hansen

    Marketing Assistant
  • Isabel Hopkins

    Isabel Hopkins

    Office & Administration Support